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Staff – TAKESHIN DOJO 竹心道場



All Takeshin Dojo staff members will project, in fact, exude, Professionalism in appearance, action, and processes. Plan, prep the plan, and proceed. What we say and how we project ourselves matters. We shall look to offer clear teachings, devoid of extravagance, ego, and contrived imagery but also realizing that we represent and the inherent benefits of this study are needed in today’s society. 

Part of our professionalism is to avoid discussions in the dojo pertaining to controversial emotional topics. For example, politics or religions beliefs. While these topics have their place and function in life, the dojo is not the right location to engage in such banter.
Our staff are expected to be prepared, in good form, and aware of the day’s expectations and challenges. Time management is one of our most valued skills. 

We value those most who avoid making excuses and rise to make the most of each day. Seek your ultimate potential. That is one of our mottos. 

Our staff, locally and Internationally includes:

Salahuddin Muhammad

Owner and Chief Instructor

Muhammad sensei is the founder of the Takeshin Dojo, since 1984. He is an International Director of the Japanese Budo Assoc, under Asano Yasuhito Shihan. Muhammad sensei is a technical director for jujutsu and aikibujutsu for the JBA. Muhammad sensei is the director of the Nihionden Aikibujutsu Senyokai. He represents an independent, comprehensive, and powerful expression of aikibujutsu.

Cady Goldfield


Cady Goldfield sensei is a long-time practitioner of budo, beginning with Shotokan Karate Do and Taekwon-Do. This led to later studies in Chinese martial arts and other martial traditions that were available locally and regionally during the 1980s, ’90s and 2000s.
Goldfield sensei has been a practitioner of aikibujutsu since 1998 and continues daily research and training. She is a member of the Nihonden Aikibujutsu Senyokai, and the Japanese Budo Association under the direction of Asano Yasuhito Shihan.
A native and lifelong resident of the North Shore of Massachusetts, Goldfield sensei has a deep affinity and understanding of the area and its social and martial arts needs.

Michal Mikisk

Assistant Instructor

Michal is the European Representation of the Nihonden Aikibujutsu Senyokai and a member of the Japanese Budo Association under Asano Yasuhito Shihan. He is authorized to lead clinics and workshops. He will also present two major events in Europe per year.